Coming Out

Ok, my first post here, and immediately starting with something quite personal. If you’ve found here via the redirect (or whatever), you might have rubbed your eyes… wasn’t there a Jasper Möller?

To get this off the table – my Coming Out :

After many many years, I have decided to adjust my external appearance to my inner self (no I won’t become a cat)

This means: Goodbye Jasper, Hello Jasmine 🙂

Thank you very, very much to everyone who has supported me – you are the best guys and gals in the world, and I’m tremendously glad to have you around me.

Now, what does this mean for you? Actually, not very much – I’ll just answer the most pressing questions 😉

  • I was weird before and nothing has changed in that regard. My personality certainly has not changed. So beware if you are thinking I might have become nicer all of a sudden.
  • I’m not very sensitive about someone using the old name or accidentally misgendering me. As long as it is accidental.
  • I don’t know (yet) what the future will bring. Ask me again in a couple of months.
  • No public appearance as a Drag Queen, like Olivia Jones or RuPaul (I do like both of them very much, it’s just not my style). Sorry 😉
  • The hair is fake! (Duh!) As are my tits (yet)…
  • I will continue making music. After all, it’s not like I’m getting my hands cut off…

For me, the whole topic has become more or less everyday life. So I’m afraid there won’t be that many posts in this regard (which I consider a good thing TM). But of course, feel free to ask me if you do have questions. I won’t bite.

The conclusion so far: life hasn’t changed too much, actually (a fact which I do appreciate). Most people accept me just how I am, and all in all, it seems I was the only person standing in my way and I should have done my coming out much, much earlier.

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