RIP Hubi

My dear Hubi, we have shared a long part of our lives, nearly three and a half years. Much longer than anybody would have expected. I still remember when you came to me, scraggly, thin, hungry, and very ill. It was a long road to recovery and unfortunately plastered with mistakes.

But there were many happy moments and successes, too. The best part was that you were always an incredibly sweet and cuddly little cat grandpa. Often a little squawky frog, but much more often a little purring machine. The day you came over to me and Mia and just laid down on my feet – I was so happy. And so were you. All my friends were in love with you, too. It was impossible not to like you.

Sadly your health declined quickly now, and your life become just a burden. You have lived a long life, but I wish we had some more years to spend together. But life seldom works out the way you want it to. Nevertheless: The good and happy moments will remain in my heart, and hopefully also in yours, wherever you may be now.

On January 9th, 2023 you went on your biggest journey in your little cat life. Have a safe trip, my little grumpy frog. Miss you so much…