Nail varnish of the week – aruba blue

Nail varnish of the week – aruba blue by essie.

Now that the weather is so grey it is even more important to bring some color into your life. Unfortunately, I cannot have long nails since I’m playing the violin and also because of my work on a computer keyboard. Therefore, I usually prefer lighter colors that look good even for short nails. Glue-On nails are out of the question because they tend to damage my nails rather quickly. If you use dark colors, you need to employ some tricks to make the nail appear less wide. But this time I just wanted to do this.

Aruba blue is a metallic and very intense blue with small glitter particles that aren’t too obvious. The varnish usually covers the nail completely with just one application and has become one of my favorites when I like to use darker, but not boring tones. Of course, the challenge is to find a matching outfit. Nowadays I’m quite critical in that regard. Personally, I think such an intense color needs a prominent eye shadow and lipstick. Well, perhaps not a blue one, this is too much, IMHO, and looks rather weird. Except for a gothic party…

Which brands do I use?

I’m a BIG fan of the nail coats from essie. They aren’t exactly cheap, but especially the dark colors do a good job, and there is a large range to choose from (and I like the names).

Even if you don’t use the varnish itself, I’d recommend using the top coat good to go because it dries quickly and is quite resistant. In my experience, it is good for about one week. What I find is not so great that a) it is quite expensive (so ca. 9 EUR) and b) dries quickly in the bottle, too.

What do you use? Please leave a comment below 😉

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